FinBiz is a complete online solution for managing your chit fund business. The product is developed on latest technologies and can be hosted on cloud, so that you can be rest assured of 24/7 access to your business.

Since FinBiz is a centralized enterprise solution, you can expand your business without any hassles of hardware up gradation and deployment of software. All you need to do is to have branch office with internet connection and you can start the operation in new branch from day one.

Due to the nature of chit business, you may want to define your own way of chit payment approval. FinBiz supports customized payment approval workflow.

The accounts is centralized, and all day books are captured from each branch, so that corporate accounts staff has access and control over branch income and expenses.

FinBiz is integrated with Tally, so no need to have a tally-specialized account staff to maintain your accounts. The P&L is ready on click of button, as all the day book entries and chit operation entries flow to tally automatically.

FinBiz has all chit operation related reports along with additional business intelligent reports through which you can analyze and optimize your branch performances which in turn adds up to your company. Increase operating margin due to optimized chit operation.

All upgrades to the features of the FinBiz as and when released are provided free of cost, so no need to invest in upgrading your software for business expansion. All statuary reports regarding chit regulation are built in FinBiz, all you need to do is print and file it with chit regulator as and when required.


During chit payment in chit funds, there is always inherent uncertainty whether subscribers of the chit will pay the dues in time or not. This many a times makes the chit fund company running a chit scheme unviable.

However while making a chit payment, if the decision is based on subscriber's data analysis and observable characteristics (like gender, age, occupation, etc.) then the risk can be estimated.

Decision making becomes difficult when there is uncertainty, where as it is much more easier when done through risk analysis. CRIBS help you with Risk Analysis for your chit payment decision.

Advantages of CRIBS

- CRIBS is hosted on cloud and you can search the subscriber if he has any   outstanding dues in other chit fund companies

- Helps the Chit Fund Company, to make Informed decisions during chit payments,   thus reducing the chances of dues from the chit subscribers

- Chances of recovery/settlement with the subscriber in the event when subscriber   approach the chit fund company to clear the due in order to have his credit   information clean